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7 Months Improvement: 4-11 by GuardianOfJay 7 Months Improvement: 4-11 by GuardianOfJay
Added the pictures of Lief's last Show to his point list. Used the calculator to get the new result.
Lief FINALLY made it to the Hall of Fame :awestruck:

Withthis he has 205.5 Points in #Pedigree-Club

This is what I've been talking about in the journal.
Here you can see my improvement within 7 months.

left picture was drawn April 2012, right picture a few days ago.

Featuring my wonderful Lief.
Awful attitude towards other Males, but the most reliable and loveable companion one could ever imagine. He was my first Nudari and I was so happy about him. The Nudari madness started with him and I'm so happy to see how much we both achieved together, various hunting and Nudari club titles, a GCh having gained four Ch titles, various best of breeds and best of group placings and sire of three pups who are all champions today and especially his two daughters are well titled dogs <3
No matter how many dogs and Nudari I own, he'll always be the most precious of the all to me. He's even my favourite over Aya's Jahi and that means quite a lot. Also, I love his little butterfly nose, altough it slowly starts to fade with the age as you can see on the picture (left 2 years, right 5 years)
Thanks for letting me have this wonderful Dog Aya. :heart:

Yeah, I'm makign a bit of a fuss over him for beein a pixel dog. Blame it on the fever if you want. Or not.
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November 20, 2012
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